I AM THE LAB + Meridian 110 = an amazing giveaway!

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
Ahhh…it’s a wonderful feeling.

Blood rushes to your cheeks, and it feels like there is a bird dancing around in your belly.
Your heart starts to pitter-patter and you want to say something, but a million words come to mind at once, so you can’t say anything. But the feeling is more than an emotion, it’s a spiritual connection.
It’s an understanding: the two of you were meant to meet.

That’s what happened to me when I saw this Meridian 110 bag:


Isn’t she beautiful?

The care that goes into each bag is seen in the designs and the methods used to make them come to life.

Recycled leather. Handcrafted. Locally sourced materials. Batik cloth.

It doesn’t get any more soulful than that, folks.

Well, maybe it does!

I AM THE LAB and Meridian 110 teamed up for a winter giveaway, and one of their lucky readers will win the bag below.




And it gets even better! Meridian 110 is having a holiday sale: 65% off AND free standard shipping to USA with code HOLIDAY!

If you’re interested in entering the contest, click here


Ivey Jones Celebrates…Holiday Cocktails!

If there’s one thing that gets me excited about the holidays it’s definitely the drinks.
Once the drinks get flowing, and stomachs are full, everyone drops the “Happy Holidays!” mask, then the real fun starts!

Below are a few cocktails that I’m trying this holiday season:

Ivey Jones Celebrates - Holiday Cocktails

1. Cider Bourbon  2. Champagne Ice Cubes
3. Rudolph’s Tipsy Spritzer  4. Apple Cider Champagne Sangria

What cocktails are you going to make over the next few weeks?
In fact, leave a link to your favorite recipe in the comments below, and you might just see it on the blog!

Happy Holidays,

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Feed the Soul: Gratitude

Around the end of November everyone starts counting their blessings, and trying to remember reasons to be grateful. For me, the past three months have been filled with gratitude as the seeds I’ve sown personally and creatively are starting to blossom into my dreams. Taking a moment to be grateful and thankful, below is a list of the things I can’t help but say “Yaaasss, Universe!” about:

  1. I moved across town and have been commuting over 30 minutes each day to work and back. YIKES! But I now live in one of the best kept secrets of Tallahassee. We’re getting ready to go furniture shopping over the next few weeks, and one of the first things I want to purchase is a fire pit for the back patio. We’re also going with a mix of Scandinavian and West African design in our bedroom. Pictures will be coming soon!
  2. I debuted as a music video set designer last month! The video is totally awesome, and I am above honored to have had this opportunity. Thank you, Gina Mae, for inviting me to work with you on this project. I also joined Donnell’s media team as his set designer, so I’ll be posting more set design inspiration soon.
  3. As of October 2013, Ivey Jones Designs became an official partner of IAM-OSH, which means….a new website  and blog series is in the works!! I’ve got the best brand development team backing me right now, and I’m really excited about the next two  months. I’m hoping that January will be our launch month. 🙂

Being thankful on Thanksgiving day when you’re dealing with figuring out schedules, who is staying where, who is making what, and who isn’t showing up this time, can be difficult. What always makes my holidays go more smoothly is keeping gratitude first and foremost–weeks before the big day. It helps me stay focused on being of service to those around me, and a representation of Love.

I hope your holiday season is starting out right. If not, take a moment and remember one thing to be grateful for. Once you’ve thought that out, try another one when you begin to feel that holiday pressure.  It’s so nice to be in a space of peace.

Be well,


#AuthenticLove: Engagement Photo Session at Maclay Gardens

When  Gina Mae Jones asked me to accompany her to an engagement photo session at Maclay Gardens, I couldn’t help but say yes. Every single one of her clients that I’ve gotten the chance to work with has been more than willing to jump in the creative zone.. They usually keep me bent over backwards with laughter, and they are never afraid to offer a few drinks or two ;-). These two were no different. Bringing along with them their son, we had a great time frolicking around in the gardens, chasing butterflies, playing in the reflection pool, and sharing juice boxes.  I wish I could show you pictures of the children running throughout the garden. They had a blast!

One week after the shoot, I received the unedited picture below:

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