5 Masculine Graduation Gifts – Etsy

Hey, y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Between working on the new partnership with IAM-OSH, and starting a marketing class, I’ve been super busy. Still, it doesn’t excuse not sharing with you all every now and then. For that I apologize!


Today’s inspiration comes from my need to buy a graduation gift before May 3…yikes!

I have a hand in helping plan a graduation party by providing my design services to the graduate, but I still want to give a small token to my dear friend.

This gift needed to be more masculine centered, with a mix of classic modern style, and very personalized to his tastes. When searching for gifts, I tend to stray away from anything that is generalized. Gifts are personal, and special care should be taken to make sure the recipients will enjoy them.



what would you do - studioclaire - 15

 Studio Claire$15

Nothing evokes personalized more than a quote that speaks to the graduate’s experience. It’s also a very balanced piece.


Tech Accessories

iphone dock fitzwoodys furniture

FitzWoodys $160

Tech accessories are always a fab gift for Millennials and even their GenXer friends and families. The above is a more multi-functional gift, providing organization and a little help in the technology department.


Desktop Accessories

Genuine Leather Handmade Journal

Crafty Leather$38

As a writer, my graduating friend would use this to write down notes, and maybe even document his journey from student to working professional.

Practical Gifts

desk organizer - scandalaskan - $65

Scandalaskan $65

A part of being an adult is making sure that we stay organized. A clear space can do wonders for brainstorming sessions, and even “what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life” sessions.

soviet watch vintage - Soviet Watches - 32.18

Soviet Watches $33

Buying an amazing one-of-a-kind watch can never go wrong.

It’s practical and personalized.


Although graduation comes around every year, and there’s usually at least one person you know that would appreciate the gift, putting it off until the last minute is very common. If you’re waiting until the week of–like myself–giving them a card the day of can keep any awkwardness away. You could even include a note with an estimated date of arrival for their package.  Remember, what graduates need most is the assurance that you’re in their corner, rooting them on to even greater success.

I hope you all are having a fabulous week!

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