I AM SAFE + New Year Resolutions = Preparation

Have you made your new year’s resolutions yet?
I have, and I’ve been preparing for them since September. Planning comes easy for me. In fact, I make resolutions every single year, even if the list is only 3 bullet points long.

What makes resolutions so difficult is that we often don’t put the time in to prepare for the changes we desire to make.

When I realized that my lack of execution in some areas wasn’t about how great or detailed my plans were, but more connected to the “lack of preparation”, I jumped on the opportunity to try something I’d never done before.

I not only laid out my plans, I also asked myself how I could best prepare for what I wanted to experience, do, and feel in 2014.  (I talked a little bit about that here.)

Preparation doesn’t just mean ordering supplies, talking to vendors, and making lists. 

Making significant changes in your life often requires a change of environment. Even if you cannot leave the place where you reside, work, or socialize, adding little design elements that remind you of the internal change you’re seeking to make can bring much needed peace.

Often times, it’s the lack of support from others that deters us from preparing for our dreams to manifest themselves. If your environment doesn’t support how you most naturally create,  and you need a reminder that your creative genius is safe, the    I AM SAFE shop by I AM THE LAB was made just for you. (Brett’s having a sale, so you should head over to the blog and check out more of his work!)


These stationary cards really make my day. They resound with a post I wrote on my personal blog last year, and are the perfect way to bring my mind and heart into focus during a creative slump. I tend to internalize my creative insecurities, and a lot of mental chatter can distract from finding solutions that are right in front of me.

i am wanted loveable whole tote bag

Words like, “This isn’t good enough…does this mean I’m not good enough? Maybe I should pass this project along to someone who has more experience. Maybe I should quit doing this all together…” But like I said, most of it is just mental chatter. The moment I focus on “I WANTED. I AM LOVABLE. I AM SAFE.”, I’m reminded that my creativity is a safe place. I am a safe place. Quickly, trust of self returns, and I get back into the flow of creating.

What are some of the ways you’re preparing for the awesomeness of 2014? Do they include design elements? Share in the comments below!

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