Home Decor: Painted Floors

Smoothness. Cool to the touch. If you hold still enough you just might feel the earth spinning on its axis.

Similar to my youngest son (he’s almost 4), I spent many moments  as child on the floor trying desperately to feel the earth move beneath my body. I also preferred sleeping on the floor more than sleeping in my bed–especially if it was with a good book. Give me a nice blanket and pillow, and I’ll easily make a hardwood floor my sleeping pallet.

Thanks to Jocellyn from I Dream of Poutine I’ve got a new-found love for…painted floors!

black and white diamonds - house that lars built

Although the and white diamond pattern reminds me more of my grandmother’s kitchen floor than a contemporary 20-something’s home, I think that’s what draws me to it. Pairing the flooring with light and fresh foliage keeps it on the younger side. I’m sure having ample storage would help, too.

orange and white diamonds - mav

This look is a little more refreshing and modern. The almost orange wood and white makes me think of a creamsicle, and keeps the cheery mood of the floor flowing. I would, once again, pair the floor with light foliage. There’s just something about adding a little green to the mix that tones down the vintage feel and keeps it from feeling..well…outdated.

triangle - smitten studio

Of course, this is my favorite and something I would die to my floors if 1) I was allowed to paint my hardwood floors and 2) our studio area didn’t have carpet. How fun are the triangles? It’s like having an eternal “after-the-party” moment. There’s a little champagne left, and you’ve waved goodbye to the last guest. The leftover hors d’oeuvres happen to include your favorites, and the last song on your Spotify playlist is the one you’ve been wanting to hear all night.

Yep! All that in a few triangles sprinkled over painted hardwood.

Are you just as in love with floors as I am? If so, leave a quick note with a link to your favorite floors. I’d love to see what floor details make your heart swell!

Sweet dreams and happy Monday!

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