#AuthenticLove: Engagement Photo Session at Maclay Gardens

When  Gina Mae Jones asked me to accompany her to an engagement photo session at Maclay Gardens, I couldn’t help but say yes. Every single one of her clients that I’ve gotten the chance to work with has been more than willing to jump in the creative zone.. They usually keep me bent over backwards with laughter, and they are never afraid to offer a few drinks or two ;-). These two were no different. Bringing along with them their son, we had a great time frolicking around in the gardens, chasing butterflies, playing in the reflection pool, and sharing juice boxes.  I wish I could show you pictures of the children running throughout the garden. They had a blast!

One week after the shoot, I received the unedited picture below:

Quin & Jaquez 1 - Tagged

A few days later, these followed:

I Engagement-42

I Engagement-8

I Engagement-4

I Engagement-1

I Engagement-14

I Engagement-50

Isn’t this couple just lovely?

They were so full of beautiful energy. It is amazing how well Ms. Gina Mae caught the love between them.

If you like what you’ve seen, check out more of her work on her blog HERE!

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