Inspiration – Summer Bridesmaids Dresses Under $100!

Photo by Steve Depino

Photo by Steve Depino

Handmade items have a way of winning my heart.

Especially for weddings.

There’s something about a custom-made one of a kind piece of clothing or item that helps make a celebration unique. Perhaps it is due to my mother’s knack for creating when I was a child. Mornings and afternoons, especially during the summer, were spent watching Aleene’s Craft shows, PBS’s painting classes, and coming up with new ways to decorate every room in the house.

Or maybe it’s the fact that as a child, my parents took us to seamstresses for every wedding my sisters and I took part of. The first dress was for my god sister’s wedding; the second was for one of my older sister’s weddings. As the measurements were taken, I felt special. This dress was being made for me–and only me. I remember making a promise to pass the dresses down to my daughters, gifts for the first time they were flower girls. Unfortunately, I have no idea where these dresses are. They were probably given to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army once I outgrew them.

For today’s wedding inspiration, I’ve got a treat! Below are several summer bridesmaids dresses that are not only custom and handmade, they are also easy on the pockets of those who are supporting the couple with their time, money, and energy.  Most of them can fit into any wedding/color scheme and are flattering to any body shape and size.

And also, they’re from! One of my favorite online shops for custom made clothing.

I hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your comments in the box below!



Yellow Bridesmaids Dress – Nuichan

Coral Maxi Dress – Nuichan

Aqua Maxi Dress – Nuichan

Indian Orange Convertible Dress – RiverLouie

Blue Short Bridesmaids Dress – Daisy Bridal

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