Featured Wedding: Kajsa + Nate


The details of this month’s featured wedding are absolutely phenomenal.

Held at Bradley’s Pond, a popular venue in Tallahassee, FL, every element was well thought out. From the mason jars as beverage holders, the “Just Married” sign on the bride and groom’s chairs, to the moss covered initials hanging on the entrance doors, Kajsa, the bride, spent countless hours designing and creating the décor, and it paid off! It even inspired her to start her own event planning company, With Love Events.

Here’s a little from the Bride…

How did you and your lovely groom meet?

We met in high school through a mutual friend during a AJROTC meeting.  I don’t even remember what we said, but Nate says he remembers feeling awkward and nervous.  Previously Angela had told me that Nate had a crush on me, but not thinking anything of it because after all I was a senior and he was a freshman, I quickly forgot him.  Unfortunately, he got my phone number and would call constantly talking about his future and even the crush he had on my cousin!  It quickly grew into a friendship. Two years later, we started dating officially on what we called a “trial” and even through bumps and breakups, we maintained an unbreakable bond.


What inspired the décor details of the wedding?

My inspiration for the wedding came from two things: lace and burlap! These two materials encapsulate my design style as a mixture between country living and my love for antiques. If I could choose any store as representative of my style, it would be pottery barn. Pottery Barn is the perfect mix of antique and country chic and that is how I wanted our wedding to feel. So the wedding grew out of those two loves. The mason jar helped meld together my theme of country chic with a vintage twist.

What was your favorite moment of the day?

 My favorite moment of the day was our first look.  Nate and I had a lot going on with the death of his father the day before and our emotions and stress levels were at an all-time high.  Seeing him and being present in that moment, we were able to make the decision to enjoy our day with the realization that everyone would be looking to us for guidance on how to act.  The pictures that we took during that time show the range of emotion we were feeling.  It is something I will always remember.


Did you include any traditions in your wedding?

My mom and grandmothers never had weddings, so I didn’t have any traditions from them to draw on. But I knew because of that I wanted a wedding that honored the institution of marriage and a ceremony that meant something to us.  So I included an African libation ceremony as a way to honor those who were not present with us, but who had touched our lives in ways we could and could not measure.

What are some of the challenges you faced as a DIY bride?

The challenges I had in planning my wedding was the fact that I was planning it from a distance and still trying to do DiY projects while staying on budget, achieving my vision, and writing a dissertation.  Arriving back to the area about a month and a half before the wedding left me with less time than I would have ideally wanted to finish things and doing them in MA and then transporting them was not an option. Also, dealing with Nate’s father’s illness at the same time and spending time with him while also working on projects was an additional challenge.


Do you have any advice for other DIY planners?

My advice for a DIY bride is to choose specific items for the wedding [favors, programs, etc], create checklists for them, and don’t deviate. The last two months before the wedding I refused to look at any wedding blogs! I still spent way too much time on failed projects and chasing after a vision that ultimately caused the details that would have pulled everything together not get done on the day of.

The last piece of advice is to ask for help on the day of! This is one piece of advice I didn’t follow, which ultimately caused me heartache looking at pictures afterwards.  I had so many people offer to help, but I thought I had enough helpers. The things that didn’t get done are things I’m sure no one else noticed, but that I did.  I should have had at least a couple of hostesses to help pull those things together in addition to the day of coordinator because everything WILL take much longer than you think they do. IF they offer, take them up on it.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to Kajsa + Nate! You all are a phenomenally strong couple, and deserve all the best!

Photography: Woodland Fields Photography

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